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GEOscan Technik GmbH

Eichendorffstraße 3
D-49549 Ladbergen

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Ground, Foundation

  • Geotechnical Soil Testing
  • Foundation Consulting
  • Soil Mechanics Tests
  • Soil Engineering Laboratory
  • Monitoring of Soil and Foundation Work
  • Measurement of Water Draining and Percolation Systems
  • Applications for Water Use Permits
  • A well-founded knowledge of the geological and hydro-
    geological situation of a site is the basic prerequisite for safe, smooth and economical construction practices.
  • The inspection of the soil to determine the soil conditions and the termination of the mechanical response of the soil are the basics for each and every foundation consultation session. These represent an important milestone on the way to a technically and economically optimized foundation concept for any type of building.
  • GEOscan offers you the complete service spectrum from a single source – starting with on-site soil inspections, geotechnical testing in our own laboratory, all the way to the survey or foundation consultation phase.
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