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Environment, Contaminated Sites

  • Intial investigations
  • Hazard Evaluation
  • Remedial Investigations
  • Preparation of Remedial Action Plans
  • Preparation of Demolition Concepts
  • Site restoration
  • Soil Management
  • Project Management

Investigation of Contaminated Sites
Old Waste Deposits / Old Sites

The investigation of a contaminated site generally follows the historical review of a site. This research serves to optimize all work to be conducted; here, professional aspects as well as economical aspects are taken into consideration.

The field work is performed using modern technology and supervised by experienced specialists, regardless whether it is an initial investigation or a more complex investigation including hazard estimation.

Cleanup Operation

After accumulating and processing data and information, the need for additional cleanup investigations may arise. After all data has been collected, a remediation plan will be established, while the suitable remediation technologies will be compared against each other. All influential factors, such as timeline considerations, expenses, spatial conditions, certification-related basics and hazard scenarios, will be discussed and the most reasonable and appropriate variant will be chosen. We work hand in hand with our foundation engineering department to realize effective and competent solutions to remediate ground contamination.

Demolition, Site Restoration

Due to the growth of cities, industrial areas are being gradually relocated to the centers of cities from their initial location on the outskirts. City planners, project developers, realtors and banks acknowledge these interesting sites, but often, the risks arising from their previous use are unclear. The utilization concept and the market evaluation determine the demands regarding the restoration of a property. If it turns out that there are substantial hazards for the protected media arising from a particular property, the owner or operator is liable for the remediation of the site. After completing the fundamental research and remediation planning, the areas of responsibilities must be clearly defined. By signing a Consent Contract, all duties regarding time and cost of the project are exactly defined. GEOscan offers their professional and reliable assistance at this point; demolition and remediation measures are meticulously planned according to need and are optimized for utilization of time and materials.

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